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Samosa 4.45

Crispy veggie turnover filled with mildly spiced potato. India's favorite snack. 

Bhel Puri (Cold) 4.95

Indian crisps, puffed rice tossed with onion, tomato, and sweet date chutneys.


Samosa Channa Chaat (Cold) 4.95

Samosa and chickpeas with tamarind, yogurt and mint dressing.

Bombay Bhajia 5.95

Assorted chickpea batter fritters of onion cottage cheese and spinach.

Gobi Honey Garlic 6.95

Cauliflower florets tossed with honey and garlic sauce. Our Chef's specialty. 

Aloo Tikki 5.95

Mildly spiced mashed potato cutlet served with hot and sweet sauce. 

Chicken Sixty Five 6.95

Chicken marinated in ginger, garlic and spiced buttermilk and golden fried.

Chicken & Spinach Soup 4.95

Light and mildly spiced spiced clear soup with chicken and spinach.

Madras Soup 4.95

Tomato, carrot puree and cream of coconut soup.


Masala Cashew 5.95

Whole cashew roasted in homemade spices.

Chilli Fish 7.95

Fish cubes marinated overnight in regional spices and golden fried.

Drums of Heaven 6.95

Chicken lollipops tossed with onion and green peppers in a hot garlic sauce. 

Crab Cake 8.95

Chunks of real crab meat with cilantro and seasoning served with mint mayo. 

Jhinga Kurkure 8.95

Bombay tiger shrimps marinated in garlic sauteed to crispy perfection.

Tandoori Grills.

Garden Medley Salad ​5.95

Carrots, cucumbers, tomato, chickpeas with simple vinaigrette dressing. 

Mulligatawny Soup 4.95

Anglo indian pepper flavored lentil soup. 

Tandoori Caesar Salad ​7.95

Chicken Malai Kebab, romaine lettuce, croutons in a traditional caesar dressing. 

Orange & Fig Salad ​7.95

Fresh greens, dry Californian figs, fresh orange with balsamic vinaigrette dressing.


Chicken Entrees

Seafood Platter 19.95

Combination platter of Fish Tikka, Grilled Shrimps and Tandoori Lobster. 

Nilgiri Kebab ​14.95

Boneless chicken dark meat marinated in a mint cream marinade and grilled in tandoor. 

Tandoori Jhinga 17.95

Jumbo tiger prawns marinated in garlic, ginger, dry spices and grilled in tandoor. 

Tandoori Lobster 19.95

Lobster tail marinated in aromatic tandoori spices and grilled in tandoor. 

Rack of Lamb ​18.95

Lamb chops marinated overnight and grilled to perfection. House specialty. 

Fish Tikka ​15.95

Salmon marinated in mild tandoori spices, fresh herbs and grilled to perfection.

Tandoori Mix Grill 17.95

Tasting platter of our Chicken Tikka, Malai Kebab, Tangdi Kebab and Nilgiri Kebab. 

Chicken Malai Kebab ​14.95

Boneless chicken in a mildy spiced yogurt and cheese marinade. 

Afghani Kebab 15.95

Lamb marinated overnight in yogurt and regional spices and grilled to perfection. 

Chicken Tikka 13.95

Boneless white chicken meat marinated in house made tandoori masala. 

Tandoori Chicken 11.95

Whole chicken marinated in yogurt & original tandoori spices.

Paneer Tikka 11.95

Indian cottage cheese marinated in bend of dry spice and grilled in tandoor oven. 

Shahi Chicken 13.95 

Boneless Succulent Chicken cooked in a mild, onion and light cream sauce. 

Chilli Chicken ​13.95

Chicken, Onion and green peppers sautéed in a hot info Chinese sauce. 

Chicken Chettinad 13.95

Chicken in a flavorful sauce of coconut, onion and ground regional spices. 

Chicken Tikka Masala 13.95

Grilled chicken tikka cooked in a creamy rich tomato and onion sauce.

Chicken Curry 13.95

Boneless chicken cooked in a sauce of tomato, onion and basic spices.  

Chicken Saagwala 13.95 

Boneless chicken in a tasty onion garlic flavored spinach sauce. 

Bhuna Chicken ​13.95

Chicken marinated with indian spices and roasted with dry masala perfection. 

Chicken Vindaloo ​(Spicy)  ​13.95

Boneless chicken and potato in a spicy tangy hot chili madras sauce. 

Chicken Korma 13.95

Boneless succulent chicken cooked in a mild onion and coconut sauce. 

Kadai Chicken 13.95

Boneless chicken sautéed with onion, red & green peppers in a curry sauce.

Chicken Mahkani ​14.95

Shredded tandoori chicken cooked in a rich tomato gravy. (AKA Butter Chicken)

Saffron Chicken 14.95

Grilled chicken malai kebab in a tasty onion and almond sauce flavored with saffron.

Seafood Entrees

Andra Crab Masala 15.95

Crab meat pan cooked in an onion sauce with regional spices. 

Fish Tikka Masala 16.95

Grilled salmon cooked in an original tikka masala sauce. (Highly recommended)

Hyderabadi Shrimp 15.95

Shrimp in an onion tomato sauce flavored with south indian dry spice and curry leaves.

Schezwan Shrimp (Spicy)  ​15.95

Bay fresh shrimp in an Indo-Chinese inspired schezwan sauce. 

Shrimp Tikka Masala  ​16.95

Tiger Shrimp cooked in a very rich but mild tikka masala sauce. 

Goan Fish Curry 16.95

Fish marinated in tamarind and cooked with regional spice in an onion sauce.

Goat Curry (Spicy) 14.95

Bone in goat meat, slow poked in a traditional tomato onion gravy.

Lamb Tikka Masala 14.95

Lamb grilled in tandoor and then cooked in a onion and tomato sauce. 

Lamb Korma ​14.95

Lamb cooked in a cream of coconut based sauce flavored with mild spices. 

Roganjosh 14.95

Boneless lamb and ground spices in an onion- tomato & yogurt sauce.

Saag Gosh 14.95

Marinated Lamb, with chopped spinach and mild regional spices.

Lamb Vindaloo (Spicy) 14.95

Boneless lamb & potatoes in a fiery spicy hot tangy sauce. 

Lamb & Goat Entrees


Mutter Paneer 12.95 

Green peas & roasted cheese cubes in a tomato onion curry sauce. 

Alu Gobi 11.95 

Cumin flavored potatoes and cauliflower sautéed in an onion tomato gravy. 

Paneer Tikka Masala ​11.95

Cottage cheese cubes in a rich tomato and onion cream sauce.

Malai Kofta 12.95

Cheese dumplings in a saffron flavored rich creamy onion and cashew nut sauce.

Hari Bhari Dal 10.95

Fresh spinach and lentils tempered with regional mild spices. 

Dal Makhani 10.95

Red beans and mixed lentils with regional spies slow cooked over tandoor.

Saag Paneer 12.95 

Boneless chicken in a tasty onion garlic flavored spinach sauce. 


Baigan Bharta 11.95 

Roasted eggplant mashed and cooked in an aromatic onion tomato gravy.

Bhendi Masala ​11.95

Fresh okra sautéed with onion and tomato flavored with onion. 

Alu Channa 11.95

Potato and chickpeas cooked with fresh tomatoes and chef's special sauce. 

Channa Masala 11.95

Garbanzo beans and mild spices soft cooked in an onion tomato gravy. 

Baigan Hyderabadi 12.95

Eggplant and regional spices cooked in a peanut onion sauce. 

Alu Baingan 11.95 

Eggplant and potatoes sautéed in onion tomato gravy. 

Channa Saag 11.95 

Cream of spinach and chickpeas in a delicately spiced sauce. 

Rice & Biriyani

Chicken Dum Biriyani 14.95 

Marinated chicken and basmati rice oven cooked with tradition spices.

Schezwan Fried Rice ​11.95

Choice of vegetable or chicken or shrimp in a garlic flavored spicy rice.  

Fried Rice 10.95

Indo-Chinese style rice with a choice of vegetable, chicken or shrimp. 

Subzi Pulav 7.95

Vegetable and fragrant basmati rice cooked with mild spices.

Organic Basmati  6.95

Steamed organic brown long grain basmati rice. 

Mutton Biriyani 15.95 

Marinated lamb and basmati rice oven cooked with traditional spices.

Lemon Rice 7.95 

Basmati Rice, fresh lemon juice and mild spices. 

Fresh Breads

Poori 4.95

​Wheat or white flour puffed bread.

Kulcha 3.95

​Onion, cilantro and mint flavored bread. 

Roti 2.50

Baked wheat four tandoor flat bread

Naan 2.50

Baked white flour tandoor flat bread.

Aloo Paratha 4.95

Potato stuffed whole wheat bread. 

Rosemary Naan 4.95

Herb flavored tandoori naan bread. 

Kashmiri Naan 4.95

Dry Fruit, coconut and nuts stuffed bread. 

Spinach Rice 7.95 

Basmati Rice and chopped spinach sautéed with garlic and cumin.  

Chicken Rogani Naan 6.95

Chicken Tikka stuffed naan bread.. 

Garlic Naan 4.95

​Fresh garlic flavored tandoor bread.

Laccha Paratha 4.95

​Multi layered whole wheat bread.

Chilli Cheese Naan 5.95

Naan bread with mozzarella, green chilli 

Tokri 11.95

Assorted bread basket of naan, roti, garlic naan, and aloo paratha. 

Seafood Platter 19.95

Combination platter of Fish Tikka, Grilled Shrimps and Tandoori Lobster. 

Chicken Sixty Five 6.95

Chicken marinated in ginger, garlic and spiced buttermilk and golden fried.